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CIBC Aerogold Visa Card

Limited Time Offer: Receive a 100%1 rebate off your first year’s annual fee and a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Aeroplan® Miles with your first purchase2

CIBC Aerogold Visa
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Household income:
$15,000 minimum

Annual fee: $1203

Current annual
interest rates:

19.99% for purchases
21.99% for cash advances, Balance Transfers and Convenience Cheques4

Additional cards:
$50 each per year, up to 3
cards maximum3

Earn miles faster

  • Receive a Welcome Bonus worth one short-haul Aeroplan ClassicFlight® Reward5 in Economy Class
  • Earn one Aeroplan Mile for every dollar you spend on the card6
  • Receive 50% more Aeroplan Miles for every dollar you spend in card purchases at gas, grocery and drug stores7
  • Access to a greater choice of flights, routes and travel times8 on Air Canada®1 and Air Canada ExpressTM1, including Executive Class®1/Executive First®1, with ClassicPlus Flight® Rewards
  • A promise from CIBC that you will not lose your Aeroplan Miles due to 12 months inactivity9
  • Earn miles twice when you use your CIBC Aerogold Visa Card and present your Aeroplan Card at over 150 Aeroplan Partner brands worldwide
  • Earn Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you dine, golf or stay at any of the hundreds of participating CIBC Bonus Rewards establishments throughout Canada10
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The CIBC Aerogold® Visa Card also gives you premium benefits

  • Worldwide Visa acceptance at more than 24 million locations
  • Visa Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance11
  • Flight Delay and Baggage Insurance11
  • Receive $500,000 Common Carrier Accident Insurance11

You are requesting a CIBC Aerogold Visa or CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite™ Card; if you qualify for the CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Card, you will receive that instead. It has the 100% rebate on the first year’s annual fee and the same 15,000 Aeroplan Miles Welcome Bonus as the CIBC Aerogold Visa Card. If you cannot be approved for either card, CIBC will consider you for a CIBC Aero Classic Visa Card instead. The CIBC Aero Classic Visa Card has the same material financial terms except the Aero Classic Card has a reduced Welcome Bonus of 2,500 Aeroplan Miles; earns Aeroplan Miles at the rate of one Aeroplan Mile for every $2 in net Card purchases; has an annual fee of $29 and no additional card fee. If you are approved for the CIBC Aero Classic Visa Card you will be entitled to the 100% rebate off the first year’s annual fee.

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General Disclosure: This is a limited time offer and only available for new, approved CIBC Aerogold Visa and Aerogold Visa Infinite cardholders solicited through this promotion. These specific benefits or features cannot be combined with any other CIBC offer or promotion. If you are an existing CIBC Aerogold Visa or CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite cardholder, please accept our apologies.

1 If you are approved for a CIBC Aerogold Visa or CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite account, through this promotion, you will receive a 100% rebate on the $120 annual fee for the first year only. If you cannot be approved for a CIBC Aerogold Visa account but qualify and are approved for a CIBC Aero Classic Visa account instead, you will be eligible to receive, through this promotion, a 100% rebate on the $29 annual fee for the first year only. In the case of the CIBC Aerogold Visa or CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite account, the 100% rebate will also apply to the $50 Authorized User annual fee for the first year only. If you add an Authorized User after you submit this application the $50 annual fee rebate will not apply. You must apply through the application channel in which you received this promotional offer. This offer is only valid for applications received by CIBC on or before January 8, 2013. Please note the annual fee for the Primary Cardholder and any Authorized User added at the time of application will be applied as a rebate on your first monthly statement.

2 This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and applies to new, approved CIBC Aerogold Visa Primary Cardholders only; it may not apply if you convert your existing CIBC credit card, or if your existing CIBC credit card is converted, into this Card. Bonus Aeroplan Miles are awarded after the first purchase is made with the card only if your Visa account is still open on the statement print date (if it is not, offer is void). Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time.

3 The annual fee is $120 for the Primary Cardholder and $50 for each Authorized User card. These fees are posted to the account if/when the application is approved and the card is issued, whether the card is activated or not, and annually thereafter. For information about other card fees, click on Apply Now and then on the Interest Rate and Fee Information link on that page (you do not have to apply in order to view this information). Please refer to disclosure #1 for more information about the first year only annual fee rebate.

4 The annual interest rates will change from time to time on at least 30 days prior notice to Primary Cardholders.

5 Under Aeroplan’s current reward chart, 15,000 Aeroplan Miles can earn you a short-haul ClassicFlight Reward. Aeroplan Flight Rewards are subject to availability, taxes, landing and departure fees, and other charges and surcharges may apply. Aeroplan Partners, rules and regulations are subject to change without notice and may be found at

6 Aeroplan Miles are earned on Card purchases less returns and not on cash advances, regular Convenience Cheques, fees, interest, Balance Transfers or payments. All terms and conditions of the Aeroplan Program apply. In addition, Aeroplan Miles may not be credited if your Visa account is not in good standing or (Aerogold Visa accounts only) is overlimit; also, if your Visa account is not in good standing, previously credited Aeroplan Miles may be removed from your Aeroplan Account. Taxes, landing and departure fees and other charges and surcharges may apply to Aeroplan Flight Rewards. Aeroplan Program and Aeroplan Partner terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and may be found at

7 The 50% more offer applies to CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Card and CIBC Aerogold Visa Card purchases (less returns) at merchants which are classified in the Visa network as grocery stores, service stations/automated gas dispensers or drug stores. It also applies to Fairmont Hotels & Resort purchases (less returns), if posted to your Card account between Jan. 5 2012 and Jan. 6 2013 under the Visa network’s merchant classification code (MCC) for Fairmont; charges posted under a different MCC and/or outside this period earn Aeroplan Miles at the regular rate, only. (Fairmont offer may be extended; check for updates.) Some merchants may sell gas, grocery or drug store products/services or are separate merchants located on gas, grocery, drug store or Fairmont premises, but are classified in another manner, in which case this added benefit would not apply. Any returns or other credits for Card purchases at grocery, gas or drug stores or Fairmont Hotels & Resorts will be deducted from your Aeroplan Account at the rate of 1.5 Aeroplan Miles per dollar. Bonus Miles offer is only available on the first $80,000 in net annual Card purchases on your Card account (meaning all Card purchases by all cardholders, at any type of merchant); after that, net Card purchases at these merchants will earn Aeroplan Miles at the regular rate. The $80,000 limit will reset to zero after the day your December statement is printed. Terms, conditions and eligible merchant categories may change without notice.

8 Aeroplan ClassicPlus Flight rewards offer you access to a greater choice of flights, routes and travel times in Executive Class/Executive First on Air Canada and Air Canada Express Flights. Additional miles may be required. See for details.

9 Aeroplan rules require at least one accumulation or redemption transaction every 12 months in an Aeroplan Account or the miles will expire. CIBC will ensure that the Aeroplan Account connected to the Card Account, if in good standing will remain active. However, Aeroplan Miles will expire unless redeemed within 7 years from when they were earned (or on Dec. 31, 2013, for miles earned before 2007). See for details.

10 CIBC Bonus Rewards apply only if you use the Card to pay at participating establishments. CIBC Bonus Rewards cannot be combined with other promotional offers and other restrictions may apply and participating merchants may change without notice. CIBC Bonus Rewards program is operated by Advantex Marketing International Inc. For full terms and conditions please visit

11 Insurance coverage(s) included with CIBC credit cards are underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (RSA). Different cards will have different coverage(s). To learn about included insurance(s) and important information regarding coverage eligibility requirements, benefits, limitations and exclusions, see and the insurance certificate(s) in your card package. Some insurance(s) require purchases, auto rentals, common carrier fares and other trip costs to be charged to the card to activate coverage (other conditions may also apply). Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance (CLDI) is for rentals up to 48 days; and the rental must be charged to the card and the rental agency’s Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) must be declined. CLDI provides coverage up to the actual cash value (ACV) of the rental vehicle as defined in your insurance certificate. Note that some car rental companies may assess their damages at an amount greater than the ACV of the rental vehicle and you may be liable to the car rental company for the difference. Therefore, before declining the car rental company’s CDW or LDW, you should read carefully and compare the terms of the car rental company’s agreement, the CLDI insurance certificate in your card package and any other insurance you own to decide which coverage best meets your protection needs. Certain RSA coverages are “excess insurance” (all other sources of insurance and recovery must be exhausted before benefits are available). For more information, call RSA toll-free at 1-866-363-3338 in Canada, continental U.S. and Hawaii or collect from elsewhere at 905-403-3338.

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®1 Executive Class and Executive First are registered trademarks of Air Canada. TM1 Air Canada Express is a trademark of Air Canada.

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